Growing good food for people, animals and future generations.

In the past century, people have become increasingly detached from food production. If you ask a child where food comes from, chances are they will say the grocery store. As institutions gained control of food production and farms became the food industry, profits became the focus. At best, this led to nutritionally poor food and at worst, food that is unhealthy and unsafe for both those consuming and those producing the food.

By buying local and directly from farmers, you can help change the way food is produced.  At CSAs and farmers markets, you can ask the food producer questions about how they grow or raise the food. This educates the farmer by better understanding communities’ concerns and needs, and the consumer by finding out what goes into producing their food. This is why at Freedom Food Farm we are committed to our holistic farming practices, making a local impact and our CSA. We sincerely believe the CSA experience brings you closer to your food, and that meeting your local farmers and asking questions about your food benefits all of us.


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