Heritage Hens & Eggs

We raise our own chickens on the farm for laying eggs. We have two flocks and all our birds are heritage breeds that thrive on pasture in this region. On the farm we have the following breeds: Dominicker, Araucana (blue eggs), Barred Rock, Rose Comb Brown Leghorn (white eggs), Welsummer (deep brown eggs), Bantam Old English and Bantam Mille Fleur (small, but excellent eggs).

We have nearly 250 layers on the farm. Our hens lay eggs year round, though production tends to slow down twice a year during the winter and summer. Eggs are collected throughout the day.


How we Raise our Birds

Our chickens are raised outside on pasture in two mobile coops built on old hay wagons. They are managed with intensive rotational grazing and follow behind our cows or sheep and goats. They get moved to fresh pasture every week and are an important part of the rotational grazing system.

During the coldest, snowy weeks they are moved into one of our large greenhouses which is set up so they have room to roost and forage happily until spring.

Pasture raised chickens benefit from having access to fresh grass, legumes, native plants, insects, and an open living environment where they can scratch, peck, and be chickens. The chickens are fed organic, soy-free grain from Green Mountain Feeds in Vermont and also get produce from the farm.

We never give our animals antibiotics, hormones or feed them GMOs.

Why different colors?

Our eggs are often different colors and sizes because our laying hens are all different heritage breeds, not production breeds. Yolks of pasture-raised eggs are naturally bright orange or gold due to the hen's foraged diet, not additives.


Heritage Hens & ROosters

We raise both hens and roosters on the farm! We sell young roosters for meat, as well as, spent hens. They both have incredible flavor and are a very nutritious alternative to our broiler chickens.