Our Food & Farming

We care deeply about the quality of our food and sustainability of our practices. At Freedom Food Farm we produce healthy food that nurtures us as well as our customers. We offer a diverse selection of food year-round and all farm products are grown and raised on our farm.


Our Practices

We follow organic and biodynamic principles, striving to mimic natural ecological systems on the farm.  As farmers we are committed to holistic farming practices that are healthy for the community and environment. This means we practice cover-cropping, field rotation and we never use any chemicals or pesticides on our food or GMO seeds on the farm. 

We use compost, legumes, and rotation with animals as our sources of soil fertility.  The pasture-raised animals are key components to the farm ecosystem, revitalizing land, contributing valueable manure, keeping pest populations in check, and utilizing vegetable scraps.  We are committed to farming sustainable for the sake of our vanishing farmland and future generations.


*Our farm is certified organic and all of our practices go beyond what is required by certification.


Field Rotation

We rotate our fields on the farm between vegetable production, cover crop, pasture and fallow (allowing land to rest to improve soil health). A good portion of the farm in natural habitat - woods, wetlands, stream and river banks which we don't farm. Rotation of fields and preserving natural habitat improves the health of the farm as an ecosystem. 

Soil Health

Crops and pasture all depend on healthy soil to produce healthy food. Soil is improved by field rotation, amendments and good farming practices. To build our soil's health we add our own compost, plant-based fertilizer, rotate our fields and use tractors minimally and thoughtfully to reduce compaction and soil degradation.

Field rotation & our livestock contribute to soil fertility.