Four-season, diversified holistic farming.

Freedom Food Farm is a certified organic farm in Raynham, MA. We started our farm in 2012 and have been growing a sustainable, full-diet year-round for our community. The farm is operated by a small team of dedicated farmers that grow and produce food year-round.

Our farm is 88 acres in total:

  • We grow good food for our CSA & farmers’ markets including:

    • 5+ acres of field vegetables, including a 1/2 acre no-till market garden

    • 3 acres of grain

    • 4+ greenhouses

  • We pasture-raise livestock & make hay for winter feed on 30 acres.

  • The rest of the land is kept for natural habitat and biodiversity.

The farm produces a wide range of holistically grown products including: produce & grains, eggs, honey, pasture-raised meat, plant starts, as well as farm preserves & products.

Our Mission

The mission of the farm is to provide healthy, nutritious food our local community. Our food is grown using organic and biodynamic principles, striving to model natural ecological cycles.* This translates to healthy food for the whole community!

Donating produce and offering a sliding scale for CSA shares help ensure that the whole community has access to nutritious food. Learn more about equal food access.


*You can learn more about our farming practices or read our farm FAQ

Our Story


The farm is run jointly by Chuck Currie and Marie Kaziunas and has been built with the help of many incredible farmers over the years. Chuck and Marie met at a winter farmers' market eight years ago and a year later Chuck started Freedom Food Farm. After years of growing the farm, both Marie and Chuck farm year-round at Freedom Food and have been dedicated to ethically growing a full-diet, four season farm to feed local communities.

The name Freedom Food symbolizes our efforts to produce clean, whole food free of toxins, chemicals, GMOs, unethically produced amendments and other inputs that have harmful environmental & social costs. It is also about the importance of land access in this country for first generation farmers and supporting food produced with good farm labor conditions locally. We deeply believe that regenerative agriculture, growing food and well stewarded farmland in this country is essential and it's time we all make decisions that consider what resources we are leaving for future generations.

By supporting farmers like us you have the ability to help change what type of agriculture is possible, teach a new generation of farmers and in partnership we can create a thriving farm that nurtures the land and produces good food for many years to come.