CSA Share Pricing

It is ideal that all our CSA members pay upfront for their share in the winter and spring as it benefits the farm most when expenses are highest at the start of the season. However, we realize this is not possible for everyone and are committed to our CSA being open to the entire community. 

Contact us if you’d like more information about sliding-scale payment options or have any questions about payment.


Vegetable CSA shares offer a discount of about 15% off retail cost. With our CSA member benefits it can be more! 

Early Bird CSA Sign Ups include an additional 10% discount on all shares. 


Summer Shares

24 weeks of holistically grown food. Shares run May 17th-October 30th.

Full Veg. Share – $790
Half Veg. Share – $440
Box Veg. Share – $595 (Off-farm pick up option)
Egg Share – $210
Meat Share – $860

We also are offering a new payment plan for 2017 summer shares!

Payment Plan Option: 
Pay half by February 25th and the rest by April 30th (All off-farm pick ups) / May 15th (Raynham).

2014-12-10 06.38.24 1.jpg

Fall Shares

8 weeks of holistically grown food. Shares run November 1st- December 23rd, 2017.

Full Veg. Share – $240
Half Veg. Share – $130
Egg Share – $60
Meat Share – $280

**No Somerville shares are being offered yet for Fall 2017. We hope to continue offering a year-round CSA in Somerville. More info to come in the summer!


Farm Store Membership

Our farm store memberships starts at $200 and can be used for anything at the farm store. It is good for a year and helps to support the farm!