Farm Recipes

Our farmers have developed produce variety guides, information about how to prepare, preserve and store our produce, farm recipes and collected other valuable resources on seasonal cooking for our CSA members and farm customers. Find recipes and more below on cooking with locally grown and raised ingredients.

Here are some books and resources we’ve found helpful:


Variety Guides

We often grow many different types or varieties of a crop. We try to offer a range of what grows best in New England.

Below are some produce variety guides: 

Winter Squash Guide
Melon Guide
Root Vegetables


Storage Tips

Roots, greens and herbs - keep refrigerated and covered in plastic to preserve crispness. Greens and herbs will last a week, roots will keep for a few weeks. 

Tomatoes and melons - store at room temperature until cut. Refrigeration changes the flavor of tomatoes and melons!

Strawberries - refrigerate, but don't cover. Berries need air flow in storage. 

Winter squash, onions, garlic and potatoes - store at room temperature out of sunlight. These all store well as long as they are kept dry. Fresh (uncured) garlic and onions should be kept refrigerated.