Pasture-Raised Meat

We raise all of our animals on pasture. We believe this is the best way to keep the livestock and our farm land thriving. We practice managed intensive rotational grazing and move our animals to fresh pasture often – for some animals this means twice a day and others multiple times a week. This movement insures that the animals that graze always have something to eat, other animals access to nutritionally-rich forage, and all animals have a healthy living environment.

Raising animals makes the farm more sustainable, they produce valuable manure that increases our soil fertility, keep pests and weed populations low, help plow the soil and some eat produce that would otherwise go to waste. We never give any of our animals antibiotics, hormones or feed them GMOs. Learn more about our livestock and pasture-raised meat below. 


Heritage Pork

We raise our pigs on pasture and in the woods. They are fed vegetables from the farm and certified organic grain from Green Mountain Feeds. They also get a significant amount of nutrients from grazing and rooting.

Our pigs are all heritage breeds that thrive on pasture, including Tamworth, Berkshire, Large Black and Gloucestershire Old Spots. We breed four sows with our own boar and raise piglets in the Spring and Fall. 

We offer high-quality pastured pork in a wide-variety of cuts. Seasonally we offer whole, half and quarter hogs at a discount from retail price. Learn more about freezer pork orders!

We also sell live piglets to farms and individuals that raise their own. To learn more about availability of piglets, please contact us.


Poulet Rouge Chickens

We raise Freedom Ranger broiler chickens for meat several times a year. Like all our flocks the freedom rangers are raised on pasture which encourages their natural aptitude to forage. The chickens get moved twice a day onto new pasture.

The Freedom Ranger chicks come from J.M. Hatchery in Pennsylvania. They are poulet rouge chickens and bred to be healthy birds with superb taste. We feed them certified organic grain from Green Mountain Feeds, and they also get fed farm produce.

In fall 2015 we started to process some chickens on the farm. This reduces stress on the birds and allows us to manage the processing. 

We sell whole chickens both fresh and frozen in a variety of sizes. Giblets are included when available. 

In addition to broiler chickens, we also sell our heritage hens & roosters. 


Grass Fed Beef, Lamb & Goat

All the cows, sheep and goats are grass fed year-round. We raise them on pasture, in rotation with our other animals. They are moved to fresh pasture every few days. We feed them our own high-quality hay in the winter, produced using the same holistic farming practices we use to grow our produce.


We currently raise calves that are White Galloway, Lowline Angus, Devon and Jersey crosses from small certified organic New England farms with similar farming practices. In 2018 we will have the first calves born on our farm to our cows Anise & Ana and more in 2019 as we continue to grow our beef herd. 

In the future, we plan to have a dual purpose herd that produces high-quality, raw milk, as well as meat.


We raise Katahdin sheep and Lamancha, Nubian and Kiko goats on the farm. Like our other animals they are raised on pasture and graze in a mixed herd together. Katahdin sheep are a breed originating in Maine and bred for this region. All the lamb we sell is born and raised on our farm.