Grains, Corn & Beans

We are working to produce food that can provide a full diet. This includes grains, corn and dried beans! All are grown with the same farming practices as our produce. 


LOcal GrainS

On a small scale we grow both wheat and rye.

The variety of winter wheat comes from New England. We sell wheat berries, and hand milled rye and whole wheat flour. 


dried Beans

An important plant-based protein source and traditional food, dried beans are one of our favorite crops. We try new varieties each year, but typically grow cranberry, kidney, black & cattle beans.



Heirloom Corn

We grow several varieties of heirloom corn for cornmeal and polenta. All our corn is ground at the farm by hand.

Once ground, corn is perishable and we recommend keeping it in the fridge or freezer.