Thanks for asking how you can help support the holistic farming going on at Freedom Food Farm!

Useful Goods

We often get questions about whether we can use something on the farm. Here is a list of things we can always take off your hands and put to good use!

Gardening / Lawn Hand Tools - rakes, hoes, shovels, wheel barrow, clippers, etc.
Kitchen Supplies - cookware / equipment, dish towels, utensils, dishes, etc.
Tools, Building, Carpentry & Mechanical Supplies
Farm Implements & Equipment - we even use the really old ones!
Appliances - fans, heaters, etc.
Wood Pallets
Misc. - mason jars, paper egg cartons, and much more!

Vehicles - on the farm we are able to put to use trucks / cars that would otherwise end up in the scrap yard. If it runs, whether it's road worthy or not - we might be able to put it to good use as a harvest / chore vehicle. We often swap parts between vehicles as we do repairs ourselves, so currently we are looking for: chevy s-10 trucks, ford f-150 trucks and subaru foresters. If you have something else or a vehicle that is road legal that you'd like to donate to a farmer - please feel free to e-mail us! 

Most things are useful on the farm and we'd rather reuse than see something end up in a landfill. Feel free to contact us if you have questions. Many thanks!

Feed The COmmunity!

We have a feed the community program which helps us offer CSA shares to low-income community members and families. If you'd like to contribute and help us feed our community you can donate any amount through our online store or contact us to get more info.

Help Support our Farming Future

We are also looking to purchase the land we are farming in Raynham, MA and give Freedom Food Farm a permanent home. If you'd like to help support us with this goal of bringing more sustainable, year-round, holistically grown food to southern New England, please contact us and we'll keep you updated as we start the campaign to buy the farm.