Farm & CSA Reviews: 

This was our first year joining any CSA and Freedom Food Farm proved to be even better than we had hoped.  We were looking forward to having fresh, organic produce on a regular basis and Freedom Food Farm provided both variety and convenience.

We looked forward to going every week to see what was available and learned how to cook some great new produce that, not only had we not tried, but we had also not heard of. It was always an adventure.  FFF staff were always very helpful and accommodating, too.

We recommended it to everyone we know and suggested that they, too, join since it is convenient, healthy and delicious!

This is the 3rd farm I’ve done a CSA with – I appreciate that I can get a small share; I think the quality and variety are excellent. You’re doing a great job – welcome to the neighborhood!

Loved my weekly FFF CSA share! I found the small share a perfect size for one person. Always enough variety to choose from and a great way to discover new veggies (like harukei turnips) and make sure you’re getting enough of the ones you already know. Pick-your-own herbs, flowers & hot peppers were an awesome added bonus and a great reason to visit the farm and get away for a hot minute. Join the FFF CSA! 

Freedom Food Farm produces beautiful, high quality, and delicious vegetables. The convenient pick up times, CSA-size options, and weekly choice of vegetables have made Freedom Food Farm’s CSA one of my favorites! From super tasty carrots, to hearty leeks and onions, flavorful squashes and colorful eggplants and tomatoes, Freedom Food’s produce always delights in appearance and taste. 

I love how you run your farm, unlike other CSAs I feel like you do it right!

We love you more than any CSA we’ve tried yet. Everyone is so friendly, the veggies are awesome, the selection is great. Love visiting the animals, LOVE the pick-your-own, especially the herbs. Your value is great.

We have been so pleased with everything you offer. The quality of produce is the best we’ve ever seen from any source. The staff is wonderful, friendly, helpful. We’re so glad to have you in town. You have enhanced our community, given us great experiences, and truly improved the quality of our lives. It has been such a joy. We wish you great success and look forward to enjoying many seasons ahead.

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